Become an affiliate

Becoming an affiliate is through invitation – if you wish to become an affiliate member please contact us.

You will also be able to redirect your affiliate link to any page on our web site. For instance, if you wanted to redirect your visitor to a specific blog post on our site (rather than the home page), then you can use a link that looks like this:

You get a 30% per-sale commission for each person that buys any of theworkshops for sale here at

(Note: Workshop pricing is subject to change at any time depending on the promotion. You will only get paid the above percentage on actual sale amount. Upgrades, renewals and other future workshops are not commissionable)

Payment Terms

All commission payments are made through Paypal only. So you must have a Paypal account to receive payments.

Payments are made on around the 10th of every month, 60 days after purchase (to comply with current legal requirements).

Also, please note that you may not refer yourself and buy Cameras and Cake using your own affiliate link.

We strictly prohibit that, and doing so will result in you forfeiting any such commissions you may have earned on your own purchases.